Roofing Considerations: Flat or Sloped?

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When planning for a new roof or re-roofing, there’s a general question that often strikes our mind that whether we should go for a flat or sloped roof. Even though both type of roofs have distinct pros and cons but ultimately we have to settle down for one. Keeping in mind all the crucial factors, we have infused this article to bestow all the necessary information you require before finalizing your roof. You can also get in touch with Atlanta GA commercial roofing companies to get detailed quotations and consultation on the type of roof suitable for your establishments.

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Significantly for those dwelling in areas that are prone to heavy rains and seasonal burst, sloppy roofs tends to last longer. This is due to the steep slope that countermands water and snow to clog upon. In addition, the construction materials used in sloped roofs are asphalt, steel and shingles that are more reliable and easily substitutable.

Attic or Loft space:

Meanwhile, a flat roof provisions a walkable space or a space that can be used for storage or keeping air conditioners. But neither of these elements are utmost necessary for individual homeowners. While the interior space of a sloped roof can be utilized as an extra room, either it can be transformed into a bedroom or an attic room or for whatsoever homeowners want to do with it.

Supreme rain resistance:

Unlike flat roofs that allow water clogging, the slope allows rainwater to roll right off the roof preventing any sorts of leakage and water clogging. While flat roof also fortifies from other climatic elements, when it comes to preventing precipitations and herculean rainfalls, sloped roofs wins the league.

Easier to spot damage:

When problems emerge with flat roofs the homeowner might not even pay attention to it unless the problem is major. But more obviously a sloped roof could be easily visible from the porch or the driveway. Home possessors can easily locate any sort of problem like scratched or missing shingles and formation of debris and algae before the problems gets worse.

The after-mentioned resilience describes how sloped roof has win-win situations over flat roofs.  However the type of roof depends on certain factors like the location you are dwelling in and the type of abode you’ve planned. There are a plethora of companies proffering commercial roofing in Atlanta GA with both sloped and flat roof options. You can ask your contractor as to which option suits you the best.


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