Inspecting your roof for damages caused by sturdy winds

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Of course, your roof is made to withstand many of the nature’s elements, but in some cases sturdy storms can create circumstances that could compromise the structural integrity of your roof. The signage of wind damage is often subtle so it’s indispensable to be aware of what exactly to look for in such cases. Locating the problem quickly can avoid future vandalization or a roof collapse, saving you a ton of bucks and ensured safety.

Besides, in climatic conditions like these you should take preventive measures to do a health checkup of your roof and make sure it hasn’t been damaged. We’ve compiled what should you look for and how to identify your roof is damaged.

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You might be wondering how winds can damage your roof. Let us clear your misconceptions:

Sturdy winds can damage your roof in two distinct ways; either by the debris it carries or the sheer force of the wind itself. If herculean winds came across weak spots like loose fasteners, they will be quick to exploit your shingles either by blowing them away and often shredding them from the stem.

With airborne debris materials, damage can be moderate or nil if the wind carries leaves and small branches. However we’re afraid to disclose what winds can do while blowing hefty materials with them. Don’t panic! We have also shared some ways to overcome wind damages to fortify your roof. Read more to know how!

What should you look for?

Pay attention to your shingles and look for any missing, shredded, dented or scratched ones.  If you find some, immediately get in touch with Commercial roofing companies in Columbia SC and get your shingles replaced.

Also keep a closer look at other delicate elements of your roof like vents, chimneys, ridge caps, soffits and skylights. Every component has its own crucial role in the performance of your roof. So make sure everything is in good condition after your roof and your home have been hit by strong winds.

What to do if your roof has sustained wind damage?

First and foremost if your roof has sustained some wind damages, it’s high time to contact Columbia SC commercial roofing companies and get your roof inspected and repaired. The longer you put it on hold, more damage your roof will sustain and larger the hole it will burn into your pocket.

Hire a proficient roofing contractor and file a claim if your roof is insured.  Docket the damages and keep all receipts intact from the work done on your roof.  Many policies even offer complete re-imbursement. Go and check it with your insurance provider company.

Finally, in the weeks and months when strong winds blow, keep an eye out for signs of any stains and water damages.  Also keep tracking your insulation systems are properly working for a better and life-long roof integrity.

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