How to circumvent a Roof Collapse?

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One thing that can definitely ruin your day and possibly your career is a roof collapse. A collapse can shut your business down for months and there’s a big chance of injury or death for your customers and employees. Preventing a roof from collapsing is a much easier and is much more economical than dealing with the aftermath. And it needs to start while your roof is in good health, not when you start seeing signs of an imminent collapse.

The most basic sign of roof collapse is sagging roof that is quite obvious to the eye. Major roof leaks, cracked wood, ripples or bends in the support and sheared off screws from the steel frames are also major signs of a weak roof that can collapse anytime.

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Tips to overcome a roof collapse:

Pay attention to the drains:

While snow gets more attention, rain can also contribute to a roof collapse. What typically happens is that during a heavy rain, water clogs in low spots on the roof. The hefty weight of the water can cause that part of the roof to deflect which leads to more water clogging on your roof. If the clogged water doesn’t directly lead to a roof collapse due to bulky weight, it can cause deterioration which increases the likelihood of significant structural damages. Clean your drains at regular intervals as well as after every rain. Make sure that drains are not covered by obstacle or anything else that could prevent water from draining properly. And don’t forget that the bottom of the drain where water exits should also be clear of clutter and debris.

Maintain, Maintain And Maintain:

Regular maintenance and inspections should be an inherent part of your roof management strategy. Timely inspections and repairs can prevent problems before they lead to any kind of damage that can cause roof collapse. A dwindling tree branch for example, can fall onto the roof and puncture the structured layer that can lead to water seepage and eventually causing rotting and weakening of the roof frame. Routine maintenance and inspection, trimming tree branches, using professionally engineered pipe supports and monitoring their condition can prevent all the symptoms that can lead to roof collapse.

Avoid Load Creep:

It’s critical to remember that the architects and engineers designed your roof with very specific load-bearing capability. Maybe you are thinking of a   bigger AC unit or maybe you are looking for roof fixtures. Any changes to the load throw those calculations off and make a roof collapse more likely. Always check with commercial roofing companies in Charleston SC before adding anything to your roof to avoid such things.

Pay attention to the obvious signs that your roof is in distress. Making the right decisions in good time could save you a lot of money and some nasty injuries. In case you encountered some major issues in your roof, immediately get in touch with Charleston Sc commercial roofing companies before any miss-happening takes place.

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