How to choose the right color for your roof?

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Completing a roof replacement is a good way to improve its appeal and make it more enchanting. When a project of this enormity is planned, one important factor is to decide the color which will best complement your abode. This can be more disturbing than it may seem, as this is the color that remains on your house for several years. The various factors that one should consider while choosing perfect color for the roof are:

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Architectural design of your house

While you may decide a particular material or color for your home, you can’t say that it is going to work well on all homes. Conventional houses generally look better with traditional design roofs as compared to gaudy colors. Home architecture is also affected by the color you choose for your abode. While darker shades will usually make your space look smaller, lighter shades often do the opposite.

Observing the style of your home is vital as it helps you to make more knowledgeable decision on which material and color suits best on your home. For better observation, you need to acquire professional from Nashville TN commercial roofing companies.


The temperature of your home space is greatly affected by the color you choose for it. Climate of your attic space is either warmer or cooler, it directly impacts the cooling and heating costs. Choosing a darker hue will absorb more heat, while lighter hues reflect the sunlight. Greater the absorption of heat, the warmer your home becomes and the harder your HVAC system will need to work. When you opt for a new roof color, there is more at stake than just street appeal.

Existing home Color Palette

Current home color is also important to consider right color for your new roof. You need to choose a color that meshes well with your current exterior and doesn’t stand out in an unattractive way. It is also important to take note of the color of your windows and side walls to choose a roof color that will compliment them. Sometimes contrasting color scheme may work well but going not too bold should be your foremost choice.

If you still have a problem in choosing the right color, you should consult a company of commercial roofing in Nashville TN offering specialist services.

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