Factors that endanger your roof

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When it comes to your abode, your roof is one of the most crucial architectural features because it protects you and your belongings from extreme environment. While your roof is exposed to the outside, there are many factors that affect the overall health and dwindle your roof’s integrity. It’s very essential to be a pro-active property owner to make sure your roof is always safe and secure. Here are few factors that can endanger your roof.

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Trees and Branches that dangle on your roof:

Trees are very beneficial for the environment but never for your roof. If you notice that branches from your trees are dangling on your roof, make sure to cut them off. Tree limbs that hang over your roof tend to damage or scratch your roof in windy weather, this scraps off the protective layers of your roof making it easily attackable by bad climate. When this proactive layer dwindles, your roof’s UV radiation shield also lays off. Hiring a professional arborist is the best idea if you are not experienced in cutting down the tree limbs.

UV radiations and Heat

No one can deny the fact that sun is the roof’s worst enemy. The UV rays and heat from the sun deteriorates your roof. As per the reports submitted by National Coatings, the sun heats your roof up to 150 degrees and in nights the temperature falls down to 80 degree. This giant gap in the temperature fall and rise can lead your roof to expand and contract. As a sign your roof will show signs of alligatoring and cracking. Several companies are offering reflective commercial roofing in Jackson MS in order to protect you from immense heat and help you in saving your energy bills.

Moss and Algae

Moss and Algae are among your roof’s worst enemies.  Algae and moss thrive in wet areas, usually growing on the parts of your roof thats right under the shade of trees. Recall our advice on cutting your tree limbs. Once these patches of moss and algae grow, they act as a sponge to hold water against your roof’s surface resulting in rotting down your roof. At the same time water trapped in algae and moss freezes in lower temperature creating gap between your roof shingles, which is ultimately creating entry for pests and moisture.

Storms in your area

Has your area been hit by a storm recently? Whenever a storm arrives, it’s always wise to assume that your roof has sustained some damages. Heavy rains and muscular winds alone can stress your roof. No matter there can be a flying detritus that scratch your roof’s surface or the worst can be falling trees. Make it your priority to perform roofing inspection immediately after a storm hit. You can even avail a personal routine check.

Here are some signs of roof damage:

  • Dents on your shingles
  • Broken limbs and fallen trees
  • Torn or missing shingles

Some final thoughts

Different roof materials have different life spans but several things can speed up their damage. By knowing what impacts your roof performance, you will be able to mitigate any small damages because everyone deserves a roof that lasts longer and saves money. Consult a professional offering Jackson MS commercial roofing before you face a major roof issue!

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