Environmental-friendly Roofing Options

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Nowadays lots of people are adopting eco-friendly roofing options to curtail the global warming effects, so they recycle aluminum, paper, install low-flow toilets and other water-saving devices. Most people have enormous environmental-friendly initiatives taking place under one roof at a time. But what about the roof itself? If you care about environment and thinking to replace your roof, here are some eco-friendly roofing options you can opt for:


Cool Roofs: These types of roofs are the fastest growing segment of the roofing industry. The material consists of a mixture of white gravel and white glue which serves to reflect the sun rays and the UV rays of the sun, thus curtailing the amount of heat that invades the house. Less heat means a decrease in the need of air-conditioning which in turns minimize the need of electricity from coal-fired power plants and also cutting down your monthly electricity bill.

Metal Roofs: Just like wood shingles, metal roofs can be produced from recycled material and get themselves recycled after replacement. The metal roof can last 50 years or more while reflecting the heat and cutting down the energy costs. There is also a metal roofing product available that resembles the look of granite and can be laid over existing composite shingles. A number of companies are offering metal commercial roofing in Harrisburg PA, therefore you can avail their services.

Clay Tiles: Being completely recyclable, clay tiles are very common in desert climates because of its reputation for durability and ability to reflect heat. Clay tiles are very good insulators against both cold and heat by creating an “air cushion” above and below the tiles.

Slate Tiles: Being the sturdiest materials of all times, slate tiles can win the award for the strongest roofing material. The tenure of slate tiles tends to be measured in centuries rather than years.  And if you find a company which recycles salvaged slate tiles , your roof will be even more environmental-friendly.

Plant Roofs: Yes you heard that right! You can actually plant a garden on your roof. These roofs are known as “horticultural roofs”, they consist a few inches sealed materials on which a 1-2 feet of soil is layered. You can grow a variety of habitats of flowers, hedges and shrubs. Although these roofs need very high maintenance, yet they contribute a lot to our environment.

Your choice of roofing contractor plays a vital role in eco-friendly roofing. A skilled roofer is imperative if you want to consider these types of roofs. Harrisburg PA involves several Commercial Roofing companies that you can prefer to get an eco-friendly roof.

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