A Light on the Common Questions asked by Home Owners

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You would certainly have some roofing questions in your mind at the time of new roofing installation. An average residential consumer is not familiar with its procedure, so it is quite genuine that they have some doubts. If you are going to invest in your roof, here are the five most frequent questions asked by clients which will probably give you the answers to your queries too.

How much is the expenditure on roof replacement

It is the most usual question that is somewhat associated with all roofing questions. Clients are pondering how much hard-earned money they will need to pay in order to get a whole new roof and a sheltered and safe home.

Well prices may vary due to some factors inclusive of site, the sort of material chosen, roof size and pitch etc.

The optimal approach to find out how much will be the expenditure of your project is to get a free quote from a proficient local contractor that utilizes top-quality materials and boasts an impressive customer support.

Should I need to be at home during the roofing work?

Absolutely not! You don’t need to be at your abode for the roofing work to take place. A good contractor provides a devoted project director that will manage coordination with both the team and you. If you decide not to be at your home during the work, it is always recommended to move out all your vehicles from the drive-way to prevent destruction from debris.

How long will the project take?

A re-roofing project duration is reliant on the contractor, the number of employees available and the shape and size of the roof. Usually, it takes minimum of a day and can take up to a few days too, specifically if the weather conditions are not favorable.

How much I will have to pay for metal roof over a shingle roof

A metal roof will cost you at least three times higher over a shingle roof. While the expenditure of a metal roof is more, it lasts considerably longer. A roof constructed out of shingle tends to retain around 10-15 years, whereas a metal roof can last up to 30 years.

How long should a roof retain?

Most professionals agree that a residential roof lasts a minimum for 20 years.

Go through the paperwork on the early installation of roof project. Did the general manufacturer or contractor provide a warranty? When it’s about to select your next contractor and roofing material, confirm you get a warranty on both workmanship and the product.



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